Stop being an energy drain, be an energy transformer

If I hear one thing more than any other, it’s about how much energy I have.

It’s taken me a long time to wrap my head around just what that means.

Trying to explain how I generate my energy could likely be a book unto itself, but one of the keys I can share is that I find my energy can be transformed.

Energy can be upleveled, in fact it feels like the more energy you exert, the higher your throughput becomes.

One of the keys to this? Exercise. Exercise actually increases your energy while giving you amazing health benefits at the same time.

Intuitively anyone who has exercised has likely noticed it themselves. After your workout your glad you went, your energy is on a higher frequency and you are probably thinking clearer. You might be exhausted from a great workout but your energetic level still feels elevated compared to when you crawled your ass into the gym.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand…

When you’re completely exhausted, the last thing you want to do is lace up your shoes for a workout. But if you’re tired of being tired all the time, you may want to rethink the idea of regularly exercising.

Need some science?

University of Georgia study found that performing 20 minutes of low intensity exercise could decrease fatigue by up to 65%!


A physical activity as simple as walking, yoga or a leisurely bike ride (for only 20 minutes!) can do so much more for your energy than a cup of coffee or an energy drink ever could.

So how does exercise actually increase energy?

There’s a lot of amazing things going on in your body during a workout session. When you exercise, your body increases its production of a whole ton of chemicals and hormones — all of which are powerful mood boosters.

Dopamine, in particular, has been found to make us feel more alert and motivated. This is exactly why it pays to take that 20-minute walk during your lunch break instead of scrolling through your social feeds.

In addition to releasing these helpful neurotransmitters, exercise has been found to help us sleep better.

When your body gets the rest it needs on a regular basis, you’ll have the energy to get through your busy day — and maybe even some to spare!

But, can exercise actually works against you?

While a regular sweat session is typically a great thing for your body, there are some circumstances where a workout can actually affect your energy in a negative way.

Working out at night can make it very difficult to wind down and get a restful sleep. Experts recommend avoiding vigorous exercise up to 3 hours before bedtime.

For those with especially hectic schedules, this can be a challenge since it may be the only time of day they can fit in a workout.

I workout in the morning because it’s the best time for my schedule, I can “get it over with” and spend the rest of my day knowing that the gym has already been completed.

If you arent a morning person I would still ask you to strongly consider moving your workout to the morning to increase your energy for the whole day.

But if you simply can’t, try sticking to a lower intensity nighttime exercise routine so you can wind down when it’s time to sleep.

So how much exercise is enough?

It is recommended by many healthy lifestyle experts to get approximately 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous exercise each week to maintain good health. You’ll know you’re getting the right amount of exercise if you notice your energy levels are increasing.

One last point about Exercise & Energy — the food you eat also plays a huge role in your energy levels! In addition to getting regular exercise, be sure to fuel your body with whole foods throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and maintained.

Stop being tired all the time. Let me show you how.

If you’ve ever met met, seen me, listened to me or interacted with me, I know from experience that you probably noticed my abundance of energy.

It isn’t magic, it’s not a secret, it’s using our bodies and our minds optimally. Finding passion, developing interest, understanding our bodies.

I can teach you how to have ALL these things in your life, in fact that is what I help clients with every day. It is my passion to help others build complete, fulfilling lives.

If that sounds interesting to you, join my tribe today.