Are you ready for lasting 
weight loss and a body
you feel proud in?
The strongHER program is a step-by-step process to permanent weight loss and confidence in your own skin!
Join and be part of a movement where...
  • ​the OLD way of doing things is over!
  • ​you will STOP worrying about what to eat and how much to eat
  • Stop the yo-yo cycle of dieting and binging and learn a system of healthy eating that takes no willpower (because willpower fades)
  • ​Have accountability and support for your goals that you don't get from your friends and family
  • Build your confidence in your body, your choices, your goals and in the WOMAN that you see in the mirror each morning
I only work with a select number of clients at a time 
once the spots are filled, registration will close
Have you ever done a 7 day, 21 day, 30 day challenge before?
What happened after the challenge?

What happened after the diet ended?

Did you regain the weight?

Unless you want to lose 10 pounds just to gain it back again, you need to learn REAL LIFESTYLE change

Thats how I've kept my weight off after binging, starving and trying every fad diet under the sun.
What strongHER women are saying about their results:
Don't end up in the same place in 5 years wishing you made a different choice today!

don't go through the pain of trying to discover a diet that not only works but that you can stick to

join the strongHER program and discover a system that works at your pace 

Join the program to....
  • Gain back your body, your energy, your confidence and your sex drive so that you can be the amazing, beautiful and strong women of your dreams
  • ​Learn to manage your time so you can successfully lose the weight and keep it off forever
  • ​Learn to create lifestyle boundries so that you can focus on the people and things most important in your life
  • ​Realize that it's not about a diet that works, its about creating the LIFE that works. Stop thinking about how to make things happen and actually start making things happen.
  • ​Lose the scale, be consistent with your approach and take it one easy step at a time with an amazing accountability partner to guide you.
What strongHER is not....
  • ​strongHER is not a bunch of pdf's with meal plans and recipes that noone else in your house will follow or eat
  • ​strongHER is not another temporary challenge that you quit half way through because life threw you a curveball (which will ALWAYS happen btw)
  • ​strongHER is not a "quick fix" type of program with "one secret tip" because you know deep inside that there is no such thing. You've tried them before and the results have always been the same. THE OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS IS OVER
my time is limited and i can only work with 10 applicants ready to lose weight and achieve success right NOW
once the spots are filled, registration will close
30 day money back Guarantee
No Risk to you
It's my mission to change the lives of women all over the world. I am so sure that working together will change your life that I am offering you 100% of your money back within the first 30 days. All you have to do is commit to the program and if you still don't feel it's for you I will refund your money!
How does all this work?
Click any of the buttons on this page to be taken to the application form to fill out your name and contact information. From there we will schedule a pre-consultation where we will go over your goals, your pain points (the things holding you back from achieving success), and make sure that you are 100% confident that working with the strongHER program is for you. With me as your transformation coach we will proceed at a pace that fits with your lifestyle but holds you accountable so you can achieve the results that you never have before!
will it  work for me?
Of course it will work for you! The strongHER program utilizes a system that has helped individuals just like you lose almost 1,000,000 pounds combined. No matter what your goals are, the strongHER program will help you lose weight. We do this by providing the right tools, strategies and services in the 3 pillars of the mind, fitness and nutrition. If you want to see success, you just have to follow the steps!
what if i decide it's not for me?
I already know that you are going to be perfect for the strongHER program through my application process . But, if you feel like at any point during the first 30 days that it's not for you, you will recieve a 100% money back refund. I want their to be no risk for you so you can feel completely confident when you sign up to the strongHER program.
An Open Letter From Me To You
I spent 20 years of my life hating my body and who I was. 
I was focused on why things weren't working, constantly feeling deprived, sad and depressed.
I 've wasted so much time worrying about what to eat and how much to eat that I was losing out on fun times and relationships with my loved ones.
 Now that's all changed and I KNOW for a fact that I’ve nailed it. 
So I'm going So teach you everything I know so you can do the exact same.
No matter where you’re at…
Whether you have pounds to lose or just want to understand how to making eating and fitness a part of your routine this strongHER program is for you.
I want you to know that the cost of not investing in yourself is priceless- which is why I am here to tell you that you can do this.
I have been on the other side and scared to spend the money on myself. 
But at what point do you say screw it and tell yourself that "I am worth it". 
I am going to do this and finally do it right. I am going to get to know myself, lose a TON of weight and have some fun along the way.
This is a guaranteed no fail program.
If you are unhappy when the time is up then full money refund.
I know for me I took my own NO PLAN B Approach and found my own transformation coach I never looked back and I guarantee that you can do it too.
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