I wrote this post initially from a business building perspective but thought it would translate well to my clients in general as well.

Originally written for Mompreneur Magazine

Funny enough, we often end up running our businesses the same way we grow up.

I’m not sure about you, but I had a mom with the ultimate to-do list that was never ending and in the beginning that’s pretty much how I approached building my business and life.

Sure, it’s a necessary step to have that type of focus. But at some point, once you are more established, you have to stop always making your to-do list longer and longer. 

You have to stop searching for that elusive, happiness destination in your business or life. Otherwise you’re going to be so burnt out and likely have lost touch with what made you happy to begin with.


With that said, let’s start taking time back for yourself. Imagine what your life would end up looking like if you didn’t put “you” top of mind.

  • What would your relationships turn into with your friends and family?
  • What about your relationship with yourself?
Your Mornings Matter

For me, my morning routine is vital to recharging my battery and giving me some time to fuel myself with breathing, stretching, gratitude and finally choosing three things to do for myself personally and professionally each day.

Why is that?

Well, how we start our day really shapes who we are. If you can manage the first hour of your day to become more self-aware in how you feel, you can reclaim more time and energy into building your life.


I challenge you to start your day with 20 minutes of gratitude and meditation tomorrow morning. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you can even ask others for tips (or download an app!). If you are able to do this consistently and reflect on the positive things in your life, this will be the year of the unstoppable you! I promise!

Overall, remember what truly makes you happy and don’t lose touch with who you are at your core.

You need this awareness to be better in your business, better for your family and most importantly be better for yourself.