What a whirlwind experience I have had the past four days.  I had an idea of what to expect but really didn’t know what I was getting myself in too. Especially from past posts I had been reading and hearing about.

Like anything- what you put into it. You get out of it. And I put everything into this event. I knew the days were going to be long.  This 4 day event was around 55-60 hours. Sleep was very minimal, eating was minimal. But I was willing to do whatever it took to feel like a different woman when I came out of the event.

9000 people were registered for this event. The music was amazing. EVERY song had people busting a move! Even before TONY came on stage.

When Tony came on stage- it was like seeing Santa or opening presents on Christmas day. IT was that. The sound of the Stadium was unreal. I have NEVER ever heard a sound like that. EVEN at the many concerts I have been too.

Day 1

We talked this day about fear and what’s stopping you. We learned about fulfillment and that you can have everything and still be unhappy. We fear that we are not enough- especially to our loved ones or people that matter the most to us we also talked about the fear that we wont be loved – which as Tony put it is the oxygen of our soul.  So often we even learn to use our pain in order to get attention and love from those around us and is a big reason why we hold on to our stories.


So what did we do to tackle this. We walked on fire. It was one of those you can’t think. You just do.  Push through those barriers that keep us back. It was fucking cool! It was liberating and one of those. I CAN”T BELIEVE I just did that. Holy shit.

COOL MOSS is the mantra we had to say as we were walking with our shoulders down and head up, constantly moving forward. Never looking down. Being strong!

Day one did not end till 12:30am. We started at 10am! That is how crazy it got!!!

Day 2

Was amazing! We didn’tt know that Tony wouldn’t be there. But who we got was just as great. His name is Joseph McClendon III. He was amazing and kept everyone laughing the entire day. He has been working with Tony for over 30 years andhas demeanor about him that makes you want to listen to him because he has soooo much expertise and value! He was extraordinary!

He has that black  ass-ti-tude as he put it and kept telling us that WE ARE FREAKING AMAZING!

Which is true. You all that are reading this blog are FREAKING AMAZING. Make sure you tell yourself that because we really are always the hardest on ourselves.

Time went by so fast! He taught us about The ULTIMATE SUCCESS Formula!  To know what your outcome is so you can take action and know what to change. Having a clear vision of what you want will manifest itself.
The two reasons that most people “fail” are 1) they have no clear idea of where they want to go, and 2) they never truly convert their “Dream” into a “Goal” by giving themselves a time frame.

In the ultimate success formula Joseph dived into planning on where we are going Example. Vacation. Do you just get in your car, and drive with no clear idea of where you are going?

Yes- that is an ‘adventure’  but if you were looking to enjoy specific attractions, if you had specific outcomes that you wanted to experience along the journey… you would need some sort of plan. Even before you begin planning, you need a clear idea of your destination. You need to create a very clear vision of your destination and what you wanted to experience when you get there.

The next you want to do is plan WHEN you want to go. How could you get to your destination without having a specific date. How would schedule your time off if you don’t have a date?

Next you need to save the appropriate amount of money, make travel arrangements such as flights or hotels. I know this all may seem simplistic, and sadly, more people put detailed planning into their vacations, than they do their goals.

The point is: Every great, successful person that you want to emulate or become. Does not get there overnight. It takes a lot of work. It’s about planning and refining your goals. To immerse yourself with people that are going to help you get your goal. Meaning- do people bring you up or bring you down? Is your family on board with your decision? If not, what will you do to overcome that barrier/obstacle? Will you put yourself on a team? Or hire a coach? The first step of the ultimate success formula is to get crystal clear on your outcome and put a time frame on it.

Decide right now what you want to accomplish in the next 21 days, and write it down.  The More clarity you have, the better the outcome.


Day 3

TONY’S BACK! HOLY MOLY! The crowd went wild. What I forgot to mention is that because he has been doing these type of events for  30-40 years now. His vocal cords are so thin that he would not be able to talk. So he has to do every other day now because it’s so bad that that is the only way he can do these events.

This day was a great day. This day was called Transformation day and HOLY hell it was the most craziest thing ever. We started off the day figuring out how to understand and have an extraordinary life. Meaning- going through the foundation of the body from emotions, meaning, relationships, time, career to celebrations. It was really good to evaluate yourself and see where you are lacking and how to balance them all  sort of like a tire. You can’t move forward with your life smoothly like you want if you are only good at a few things, just like a tire that is out of balance will never give a smooth ride.

We then talked about values and beliefs- which lead to the Dickens formula. Which is our limiting beliefs. This exercise was interesting and eye opening. Because subconsciously I still feel some of my limiting beliefs and it’s scary. But it was very good to get out because this was to be the start to our transformation. Little did I know how powerful it was. 

My biggest fears have always been failing and not knowing enough. Its scary to be putting myself out there on a constant basis, opening myself up to criticism and never knowing if I’m doing things the right way.

Its a great exercise, take some time and ask yourself, what are some beliefs that I have about myself that have really limited who I could become. Maybe its to do with your age, or your gender or your education. Maybe its the way you were raised. All of the stories and beliefs that we have about ourselves that don’t have to be true but we use them to hold ourselves back and stop challenging ourselves to make things happen!

Here is one of Tony’s scripts to really recite with all your heart to yourself! Powerful and amazing how if you really believe it, recite with authority and stand proud and tall, just how great it makes you feel. Really believe in yourself and you will feel it to!

Now I am the voice

I will lead, not follow

I will create, not destroy

I will believe, not doubt

I am a force for good

Set a new standard

Step up x 4

Powerful words that you will feel through your whole body. This is the start of our new world! It is hard to put this day into words. I totally do feel transformed.


Day 4

This day was bittersweet!  I left with direction, clarity and a new foundation for our business. ENERGY is the big key word! 🙂
This day gave us insights on how to take our program to the next level with some good marketing materials.

Again Joseph was on the stage and really gave us some good ideas of what we need to do to approach our clients and to really get us speaking their language.

The energy we put out there. How much we use. It’s like a muscle we need to train.

This is just a few takeaways from UNLEASH THE POWER! It was one of the best experiences of my life!

What is the number 1 takeaway from the event?

Anytime you tell yourself ‘I CAN’T …’. Then you have to immediately think ‘I MUST’.

Do this with every problem you have where you say “I can’t …” and watch your life take off because it will solve a lot of what is holding you back!