For the past while I have been going to bed with a Himalayan Salt Lamp. I kid you not when I say my sleep has been 10x better! I know this because I have been carefully analyzing the past few months on how I have been feeling and why.

I have found this lamp to be extremely calming, especially when I am feeling stressed. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly on the go and my brain has a hard time turning off at night. I constantly go to bed with my laptop, journal or a planner trying to gather the next days goals and/schedule. This lamp has been a godsend to my calmness. It emits a beautiful warm orange glow and really helps me to unwind.

There are many claims out there about these lamps and what they are able to accomplish. I am certainly not sure about some of the more outrageous claims. With my own personal experience, I have found it to be a great benefit to my night time routine which is good enough for me!


Where to put Himalayan Salt Lamps:

It has been noted that salt lamps are best put in close proximity of electronic devices as a means of neutralizing positive ions.
I have found that keeping the lamp by my laptop as I work and by my bed side just before falling asleep has given me the greatest benefit.
If you experience difficulty unwinding after your day, are feeling extremely stressed or just want to give it a go, I urge you to purchase one or if you have one, use it. I believe you will have a more restful sleep and be ready to tackle the next day!
Let me know with a comment or a tweet if you use a Salt Lamp and have experienced any benefits or what your thoughts are in general!