How many times have you woken up in the morning and sat down with a bowl of your favorite cereal and a few slices of toast with jam? Or how about on the weekend, with some freshly prepared pancakes and maple syrup?

This is so incredibly common these days despite the amount of press that Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup and all of their associates are getting these days, even from mainstream media sources.

There is no doubt that over consumption of sugar is connected to a mammoth list of negative side effects. These include diseases that we have all heard over and over, metabolic syndrome, elevated blood glucose leading to diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions such as increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

You might even know that research has shown that you can become addicted to the chemical as it is able to stimulate the same portions of your brain as other addictive drugs. It’s no wonder that so many of us experience those withdrawl symptoms and cravings by the time lunch rolls around!

I’m sure you have suffered from the classic symptoms, anxiety, fatigue, general slugishness, and moodiness otherwise known as being HANGRY!

If you want to make a change there is good news for your though! 

Though sugars can be extremely addictive, like other addictive substances they have a dose-response relationship. ie. The more sweets you eat, the less sweet they begin to taste to you. A super sweet cupcake begins to taste normal and you need more and more sugar to satisfy your itch!

The good news is that the reverse has also been shown to be TRUE! If you are able to build up the will power to stay away from sweets for a period of about two weeks, suddenly all of your foods will taste ‘sweeter’ and you wont need to consume as much sugar as you used to. In fact if you stick with it long enough, your taste buds will change to the point that you will find most of the treats you eat now become too sweet and actually not taste as pleasant.

Even more important than the fact that you can retrain your taste buds is that once you realize that you no longer have cravings, you are no longer a slave to your food.

You will be able to enjoy the freedom that comes from not experiencing the mid-day, mid-morning, mid-whenever sugar crash and the feelings that come along with it! 

Not to mention the disease risks that come along with not being able to take back control of your life!

To increase your health, your productivity and your overall well-being, promise yourself to give it a try for a minimum of two weeks. Stop eating those sugary snacks and treats that you ALREADY KNOW you shouldn’t be. After those two weeks, go back to having them every now and then if you still feel you need to, but hopefully you will be able to surprise yourself and realize that you don’t actually CRAVE that sugar anymore. Instead you can enjoy it as the treat that it should be!

Think two weeks will be too hard to get through?


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