Everyone wants to be healthy right?

The problem becomes, what does that mean for YOU and what are you going to do to accomplish it?

One of the first things we teach our clients is that like anything in life, being successful requires proper preparation.

People who jump in with both feet without first having a plan, often fail in achieving their goals and wonder what went wrong.

They confuse ENTHUSIASM with commitment and follow-through.

And…. just like any well-run business or household, one of the most important parts of your preparation is your BUDGET.


We have food budgets, entertainment budgets, car budgets, house budgets, we have budgets for all the things we buy, but no one has a budget for their own HEALTH.

We neglect investing in our own bodies!!!! The MOST important thing in our lives!!

I know as we grow older that “stuff” that we buy grows less and less important and maintaining an amazing quality of life becomes priority numero uno!

I know because this has been happening more and more for me as well.

It takes the enjoyment out of owning a sports car when you have such terrible lower back pain that the performance seats quickly become uncomfortable.

How can you relax on your all-inclusive vacation when you are worrying about what others may be thinking of you in a bathing suit?


Are you interested in minimizing or avoiding diabetes, arthritis, joint pains, obesity and all the other lifestyle and chronic diseases that are impacting our world?

If you are, then you need to set a budget for staying fit and healthy so you can continue to enjoy those activities like

  • vacationing
  • hiking, swimming, biking, skiing
  • playing catch with your grandkids
  • just BEING you!!!!

Without your health you won’t be able to enjoy any of the things you love!

So what types of things should be going into your health budget to make sure that you can continue to enjoy things

SPORTS/GYM MEMBERSHIPS – keeping your activity levels up is so important to maintaining your muscles, your bones, destressing and so much more. If the gym isn’t for you, then even just walking/running and being conscious of moving around more will be great for your body and overall health!

HIGH QUALITY FOODS – Our bodies really are what we put into them so make sure you are eating fresh whole foods for most of your meals and minimize the amount of refined, boxed, packaged, sugar filled crap you buy that tends to fill our cupboards.

HIGH QUALITY SUPPLEMENTATION – Here is where most people stumble. With food not packing the same nutritional punch it used to, we need high quality supplementation to fill in the gaps and to address specific problem areas that each of us encounter.

We will be diving into each category in more detail in upcoming posts but here is an example of what setting a supplementation budget can do for your life!


Well, one of our clients decided that they needed to make a change, it wasn’t just about health, it was about spending quality time with his family after work.

He worked a hard day and even though he was eating decently, he would quickly fall asleep on the couch after dinner because he just felt so exhausted all the time. Even though he wanted to stay up and spend time with his family, night after night he was just passing out on the couch. Frustrating to say the least!

Well we worked with this client and helped him set up a supplementation budget to get over these energy issues and within a few weeks he reported back to us that he no longer feels like falling asleep on the couch at night, has more energy during the day for his job and more energy to spend with his wife at night!

The budget that we put together for his supplementation is about $3.00 per day or the price of a daily coffee and has made ALL the difference to him.

If you are interested in changing your life whether through fitness, nutrition/supplementation or your attitude towards life, set up your own health budget by contacting info@amandagazzola.com  or try a free health assessment at the store.