Should I stay or should I go? – Kristen Sachs

Standing in the midst of transition?

I think that many people are right now. Just seems to be the place that the entire world is in.

The middle of transition can be a very uncomfortable place to be. The place where you were once comfortable isn’t cutting it and where you think you want to be hasn’t quite bloomed yet.

How do you transition gracefully? How do you implement change into your life without the ‘mess’ of shedding the old? I think that the short answer is you can’t. Well, not entirely.

Change is in essence a birth process. It’s messy, uncomfortable and can be exhausting. Whether it’s facing demanding, old paradigm characters at the office, losing the weight you know you have no choice but to shed or to stop the coping mechanisms you have grown so accustomed to, change will always have its challenges.

It’s the reason you’re changing that has to be your driving force.

For me change is inspired when I know that it’s a ‘do or die’ circumstance. I seem to never budge until I feel that I either make a new decision or I decide to stop my growth and essentially ‘die’ in my current situation. Just like when a baby bird is hatching. The baby bird gets to a point that they must exit the egg by any means possible or it will suffocate.

I think that we as a planet are being faced with this circumstance right now. Some of us are experiencing this as a collective with the floods and droughts and war and many of us are going through this in the micro, on the individual level with health issues, relationship break down and unfulfilling careers.

I think that in a nut shell, in my own narrow view, we are starting to deal with the death of an old paradigm. We currently live in a world where eating engineered and chemicallized foods is considered ‘nutrition’ and polluting our environment with frequencies, chemicals and poor attitudes is considered ‘normal’.

In industry we are all essentially slaves with pay. Our employers seem to believe that they own our time and it’s ‘just business’. Our relationships are out of convenience and are treated as though they are easily replaceable. Our society is unsustainable, unhealthy and psychopathic.

It’s time to change or we will suffer a death.

Whether it’s a death of the soul, or the death of our entire culture I can’t predict. But this paradigm will cause a death and it’s time to start a new one.

In the attempts to add to the conversation of ‘What now?’, I propose the following;

  1. Stop taking the people in your life for granted. If you’re in business, respect your employees because they ARE your business. They are also capable of destroying your business. In your personal relationships understand that it’s a gift that anyone loves you let alone decides to spend their life with you. Treat that as the miracle it truly is and if that part of you isn’t being respected, it’s time to leave.
  2. Understand what being humble actually means. It’s not a part time action. It’s a lifelong mantra. All your material gifts can be taken away with one good storm. If you disrespect the people you believe aren’t at your ‘level’ you are completely missing the point. Drop the attitude, forget the meaningless car you drive, the numbers that show up on the ATM screen and the size of house you live in. You can’t take any of these with you in the end.
  3. Amass gifts of the soul. Kindness, integrity, love, trust, compassion, truth and passion are what creates, or deconstructs the soul. These are the qualities that follow you, lifetime to lifetime and the lessons learned when these qualities are lacking are the most painful. Giving into the sickness of the world requires none of these qualities. In the new paradigm these gifts of the soul will be the new currency.
  4. The earth is the only one we have. We live on a dynamic blue orb that is very much alive. It doesn’t need to be improved, it needs to be understood and respected. We must learn how to live within its laws and we must treat it as our greatest ally.
  5. Know thy self. Suppression of your emotions is not polite, manly, or desirable. You contain pieces of the stars and have hidden information about the universe. If you don’t take the time you explore yourself and understand your mission you are missing the point.

I think that we are all here to lay the ground work for a new society. Its fruition may not happen in your lifetime, but now is the time to stare change directly in the face and take the necessary action to let go of the laziness, stop the distractions and start to be true to yourself. The fate of all of us depends on you, me and the rest of the world. Either we choose to change or we choose to suffocate.

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