Are You Sick and Tired of....

  • feeling TIRED or BURNT OUT all the time due to your schedule?
  • being FRUSTRATED by lack of change that you want in your life?
  • asking for PERMISSION to focus on SELF-CARE once a week 
  • an OVERWHELMING sense of "How Did I Get To This Point"?
  • just feeling IMPATIENT and DISAPPOINTED all the time?

Are You Ready To Build Lasting Change and A Lifestyle You Can Be Proud Of?


What They Say about the Challenge


Get Started Right Away And... 

  • take CONTROL back over your schedule

  • bring the SPARK back into your MOTIVATED life

  • prioritize your SELF-CARE, guilt-free every week

  • learn awareness of your TIME and how to properly plan your life

  • learn TOOLS for stressful chaotic times

  • be able to "TURN-OFF" your mind when its busyness is not helping

  • be more SELF-AWARE and course correct faster when needed

  • build CONFIDENCE in your body, your choices, your goals