e025 – Kristen Sachs – How Your Body Magnetics Impacts Your Life

Today's podcast I chat with my beautiful friend Kristen Sachs Kristen is a holistic nutritionist and registered BIE practitioner. She uses her knowledge of the body and electromagnetic fields to control her own auto-immune issues and help clients deal with allergies, nutrition, health and more. A mom, an entrepreneur, and an active member of her community, Kristen has tons of information to share about how to improve your life. email: info@biosinc.ca FB: www.facebook.com/ledarra website: www.biosinc.ca Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never

e024 – Rafal Matuszewski – Cut The S#!t Get Fit!

Amazing guest today! Rafal Matuszewski is an amazing entrepreneur, trainer, mobility specialist and all around encyclopedia of nutrition and health! From being the "fat kid" in high school he dropped 60 pounds and had everyone wanting to know his secret. Rafal realized that his purpose is to help others reach their goals, whether thats moving and feeling better, rehabing an injury, lifting heavy s#It or just convicing them that black coffee is the best! Rafal believes that movement is medicine for life and puts his motto into practice every day. Definitely check out his podcast "Cut the

e023 – Caryn Parchment – Living Your Best Life, Finding Your Tribe

Today I welcome the co-founder and leader of Diva Girl Fashion. Dedicated to empowering womens health, fashion, relationships and more, Caryn is an amazing force doing good out there in the world. Caryn Parchment has been a Fashionista before the term existed. From the tender age of 8 years old, Caryn always knew that she wanted to parlay into the fashion world in her adult years. She started off by sketching a fashion line at the age of 16, and has evolved into a stylist, blogger, brand influencer, and as leader and co-founder of DivaGirl Fashion, which

Overcoming fears, uncertainty, ego…. my Try Tri

Today is a very special podcast that I want to share with you. This past weekend I competed in a mini triathalon that when I signed up in May, I thought was going to be a breeze. I was fit, I ate well, I worked out, I was confident.... Until I decided to try a swim across the lake at my cottage up north. Suddenly I realized, I don't actually KNOW how to swim.​​​​ Sure I could jump off the boat and swim around, or move into position to go waterskiing. But to actually swim across the

e022 – Sue Dumais – Answering the Call for Love

Today, meet Sue Dumais, a truly global leader answering the call to heal the world. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, healer and voice of HOPE with her "Heart YES Movement." She wants to teach the world how to navigate the SHIFT that is happening on the planet and how we can all be the solution to healing our collective wounds and unite in love for each other and our planet.​​​ Today we covered… How we can only love others to the capacity that we love ourselves. So many of us are more motivated by helping

e021 – Simone Usselman-Tod – Overcome self-doubts and fear to create life changing opportunities

What an amazing chat with Simone Usselman-Tod on the RELOVE+RISE podcast today. She is the founder of Wild About Wellness and helps people get results FAST when it comes to developing new pathways, shifting emotional states and turning client challenges into successes. She brings her clients more confidence, stability and joy in their lives with improved financial, relationship, health and career outcomes. Today we covered… Why we feel so stressed all the time and what we can do to reduce those feelings using mindset, motivation and personal development What you can do to recover from fear, self-doubt

e20 – Dr Emily Lipinski – Thyroid Truths, How to heal yourself and take back control

Dr. Emily Lipinski, ND specializes in thyroid issues and created a guide known as Thyroid Truths. If you suffer from fatigue, weight gain, feeling "puffy" and numerous other symptoms that noone seems to be able to help you with, Emily may be the one to help. Healing is more than just prescription medication, its what you eat, how you sleep and how you take care of yourself. Learn exactly what to do with Emily on todays podcast! Today we covered… The signs and symptoms of hypothroidism What the thyroid actually does Simple steps to heal your thyroid

e19 – Dave Sanderson survivor of the Miracle on the Hudson on Making Moments Matter

Today I welcomed Dave Sanderson to the RELOVE+RISE podcast. He shares his inspiring story of finding his passion and purpose in life after surviving what became known as the Miracle on the Hudson. Dave was the last passenger off the plane and recounts all the lessons he learned from not only surviving, but thriving after such a traumatic event.Today we covered…How to grow from your own "personal plane crash" that we all experience at some point in our livesWhat happens when you truly believe that this may be your last momentPost traumatic GROWTH syndrome3 actionable ways to grow

e018 – Chelsey Catalano – The one minute rule for decluttering your life

This episode I speak with the absolutely amazing Chelsey Catalano. She is a professional organizer (someone we could ALL use for sure!) who helps people strip back the layers of clutter in their lives and their homes. Today we covered... How she can help you have a tidy home even if you're a busy mom Systems to tackle that initial overhaul that always seems overwhelming The less you have the less mess there can be! How to get started with organizing, especially if you know you have emotional attachments to items Identifying your clutter traps (inputs vs.

e017 – Darlene Butts

After enjoying a 23-year career as a top-performing, award-winning independent financial adviser, Darlene Gudrie Butts traded her business suit for a pen and wrote her best-selling book, "Lessons from the Depression, Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way." She spent years coaching authors and entrepreneurs and has created the Clarity Project to help people fine their lane, voice and fulfillment for their soul. Today we covered... That we are layered with other peoples expectations that hinder us How to figure out your why and how this will make you happy beyond belief That the goal in life is to

5 Minute Friday – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

How do I overcome negative self-talk? I've learned that the best part about my competing in fitness competitions wasnt the weight loss or the shape I was able to get into.  It was being able to take the time to learn about myself What you think about yourself is what you become. You need to start spending time learning about yourself. Have gusto and power when speaking to yourself.  Make sure to tell yourself that you are EXTRAORDINARY Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when

e016 – Lisa Browning – Telling Your Story and Speaking Your Truth

Lisa Browning runs One Thousand Trees, a business dedicated to editing, publishing and mentoring services. She is instrumental in providing networking and educational opportunities in her community and is inspired to empower others and help them realize their passions. Today we covered... How to stop being a victim and start being a creator of your own destiny That we have all had struggles and challenges, it does not make you a bad person How to own your dark AND your light. Understanding the dark parts of your life is key to getting over it and knowing it

e015 – Kat O’Brien – Rewriting your food story

Kathryn O'Brien is known as the Evolving Alchemist because she is able to turn your life from lead into gold. With an education in psychology and nutrition she has taken the formula she first used to heal herself and now uses it to heal her clients and the world. Today we covered... The different reasons why weight loss can be so difficult and isn't just about calories We are all individuals and understanding our own stories is important, not only for connection but for healing Why she gained more weight the year after giving birth then during

e14 – Judy Onorato

Judy Onorato is a Clarity and Success Consultant for inspired entrepreneurs who have a big vision. She is recognized for her ideas, vast knowledge, and creative ways to quickly bring relief to struggle and open the door to opportunities with greater ease. Today we covered... How feng shui is not just about goldfish bowls and water features. How numerology can set you free and teach you to stop trying to get orange juice from apples That we each have a natural cycle to maximize our results just like a growing season for plants How to alleviate stress

e013 – Gord Melville and the importance of Self-Care

Gord was divinely blessed early on in his life to be personally mentored by some of the iconic greats in the professional development world. Married 25 years, he resides in Waterloo and is helping to raise 3 growing sons. He is a Private Wealth consultant, an author, speaker and International Life Coach. Gord is an entrepreneur at heart founding one international and growing two other companies. Today we covered... Self-care and how it's important to talk about mental health Putting your own oxygen mask on first in your life otherwise you won't be able to help others

e012 – Nedalee Thomas – Finding your Princess Power

On this episode, I speak with Nedalee Thomas. Nedalee is an author, educator and researcher with a passion for healthy living. She went from being a pauper to powerful on the road from raising 19 kids to being a multi-million dollar business mogul. She is the owner of six businesses including Princess Power, the Expert Podcast Academy and the Queen of Chanson Water. Today we covered... Why its important to learn from OTHER peoples mistakes The importance of resilience and never staying down for long Establishing the mantra of IMPROVISE, ADAPT, OVERCOME because things are going to

e011 – Sarah Clark – Boost Your Fertility Naturally

On this podcast I speak with Sarah Clark. She is the author of Fabulously Fertile - Supercharge your Fertility Naturally, the Fabulously Fertile cookbook and the Fertility Preparation Program. After receiving a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure Sarah gave birth to her children through IVF. Unfortunately it was not until years later that she realized the root cause of her infertility was food intolerances. Its now her mission to support couples, provide proper testing and help dramatically improve her clients chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Today we covered... There is HOPE for reversing fertility

e010 – Michael Holley

Today I was able to  speak with a great friend and inspiration to me for his incredible work ethic and energy, Michael Holley! Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has transformed his life over the past couple of years by achieving greater self-awareness, vulnerability and learning what he truly needed to do to connect better with clients, friends, family and himself. He has recently moved to British Columbia to be part of an amazing organization Make Your Mark and to continue his own journey on helping others with the strategies they need to build the lives they

e009 – Madelaine Golec

Madelaine Golec is a practicing physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health in women. Her passion has become educating women on the proper way to prevent and restore pelvic issues that arise typically from pregnancy but can occur for a variety of reasons. She coaches her clients through these issues with customized programs so they never have to worry about embarrassing issues occurring during the day or even during intense exercise classes. Today we covered... All about kegels and how they are not for everyone. It could actually make things worse in certain individuals Overcoming avoidance behaviours because of

e008 – Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood are two amazing mama entrepreneurs whose mission has taken them on a path of leading and empowering others. They are the creators of Love Powered Co a tool that parents all around the world are using to teach positive affirmations with their children. They believe in empowering the next generation with a solid foundation to provide more self-worth and self-confidence so they can be truly great leaders and inspire others around them. https://lovepoweredco.com/ Today we covered... Instilling self-worth in our children and ourselves How changing our vocabulary can have a huge impact

e007 – Krista Scott-Dixon

Krista Scott-Dixon is the program designer for Precision Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition coaching company. In addition to having a hand in all of the Precision Nutrition education she also performs workshops, training and speaking engagements on health, coaching, training, psychology and more. Through the Precision Nutrition platform she has helped nearly 50,000 clients achieve health and trained nearly the same amount of coaches on how to achieve success with their own clients. Today we covered... How we are all always in the process of finding and losing our true selves We disassemble and reassemble ourselves all

e006 – 5 minute friday – March 30

Dealing with those 'growth' moments where you're fearful and uncomfortable, but know you need to do them to grow. Too many of us stop ourselves in those moments and stay in our bubble. I hope to inspire you to grow today, even just a small, small step at a time. Today we cover... Growing by dealing with things on our own and how scary it can be Trusting in yourself and the process Going through those challenges and overcoming them is when you actually grow and feel that fulfillment Dealing with low confidence, feeling like everything is

e005 – Kevin Cahill

In this episode I speak with best-selling author Kevin Cahill. We discuss issues ranging from being bullied, to leaving a multiple 6 figure career just days before getting married. Kevin has dealt with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, concussions, cancer and more. He has taken ownership of these struggles in order to grow into the individual he is today rather than letting them define him. Today we covered... The importance of dealing with your feelings, not running away from them Being resilient and trusting in the Universe to guide you Establishing new habits in order to not fall

e004 – Dominic Mitges

Today I sit down with Dominic Mitges. He is a great friend and mentors his clients on how to build fulfilling relationships, inner strength and authentic masculinity . Today we discuss, fear and uncertainty in relationships, overcoming poor self-image, why cold showers are part of his morning routine and much more....

e003 – Stephanie Mackid

Stephanie Mackid is the founder of Operation Lean, a mom, a shift worker and all-around amazing woman. On this episode she discusses the importance of working with the right professionals, of taking time for yourself, and of making health and nutrition about you. There is no one-size-fits-all plan and Steph has spent the last 5 years in assisting her clients to put together the perfect plan for them.