e045 – Burnout is real, lets talk

Burnout is real and I was going through it. Join me on today's podcast where I talk about whats been going on recently in my life, the burnout that I've been feeling, how I've reassessed my priorities on how to run my life, and the big AHA moment that really helped me get clarity on where I was going Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never miss out? Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. It would mean [...]

e044 – Lysiane de Nadaillac – Burnout is real and its tough. Stop the symptoms and see the bigger picture.

For the past 3 years since I have become a full time entrepreneur I have been ‘hustlin, grinding and trying to figure out this world of ‘freedom’ working for myself, what does this mean, how do I know when enough is enough. I have been  working hard in my business, my relationships, networking meetings, seminars, workshops because I know the end payoff is going to be even greater. I did not tell you about the evolution that happens when you start getting clients and start getting your name out there that you find yourself juggling and managing [...]

e043 – Saira Amjad – Rising Above a Failed Marriage and the Pressure of Being The Perfect Woman

Pakistani-Canadian poet Saira Amjad is my guest and inspiration to all today. She has survived a failed arranged marriage, a suicide attempt, sexual abuse and more. Through it all she has become a poet, best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, single mother and self-love advocate. She truly is an inspiration for everyone around the globe and I am excited to share her story with you. e: sairaamjad111@gmail.com w: sairaamjad.ca t: @iamsairaamjad f: @iamsairaamjad Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never miss out? Click [...]

When sugar was the only treat that could satisfy…

Chips.... NOPE Nachos.... NOPE Popcorn.... HELL NOPE When my cravings would come around when I was competing or trying to lose weight, the only thing that would stop the craving was some good old fashioned sugar. In those early days, even when I had a coach. I would beat myself up about it. I hear my clients echo my own words often from back then, "I cheated on the weekend", "I'm sorry but...", "I failed, I might as well give up" But guess what, because I know what it feels like, because I've gone through it, I [...]

e041 – Cheryl Himburg – Shatter YOUR Glass Ceiling

Cheryl Himburg is a natural born leader with a zest for life and the drive to always be learning, developing and growing. She is the creator of the CEO Day and CEO Accelerator programs and events, the culmination of her years of experience, passion and results with so many women. If you are transitioning between "I am a rockstar" and "I don't know what they hell I'm doing", Cheryl is your girl! e: cheryl@keyelement.ca w: www.keyelement.ca t: @keyesol fb: keyelementsolutions Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I [...]

e040 – Monica Rivera – The Action Taking Maven

Monica is an action-taking maven She has a passion for converting ideas into execution - quickly! She is a self-taught, podcast producer, consultant and speaker that delivers relatable stories with practical advice because she believes you can't be what you can't see. When she's not creating awesome content, you can find her playing with her toddler niece or planning her next vacation! e: monica@youwannadowhat.com w: www.youwannadowhat.com t: @youwannadowhat1 f: www.facebook.com/youwannadowhat i: instagram.com/youwannadowhat Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never miss out? Click here [...]

e039 – Michael Kerr – Laughing Your Way to the Bank!

Today I sat with the President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Michael Kerr. He is an international business speaker who travels the world inspiring workplace cultures and businesses to leverage their humour to drive outrageous results! He believes that your work should never feel like it sucks the energy out of you. From this his workplace blog has been recognized as one of the top in the world and he has authored seven booked including The Humor Advantage and Hire, Inspire and fuel Their Fire! mike@mikekerr.com www.mikekerr.com t: @humoratwork fb: www.facebook.com/humoratwork michael kerramanda gazzolarelove+risehumourconfidencespeaking Here’s [...]

e038 – Allison Graham – Embrace Your Inner Resiliency Ninja

Today we welcome Allison Graham. She is a best selling author and has spoken in front of North America's most influential financial institutions, technology companies and other associations. She is an authority on sales and networking in the media and is one of the Top 20 Under 40 Economic Trailblazers. During this time shes also struggled with chronic pain, grief and that internal messenger of B.S. which has earned her the moniker of, Resiliency Ninja. allison@r-ninja.com www.r-ninja.com @allisondgraham facebook.com/resiliencyninja Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when [...]

E037 – Dr. Madalyn Turner – The Fearless Women’s Mentor

Dr. Madalyn Turner is passionate about empowering women to reconnect with themselves. She is a chiropractor, CrossFit Trainer, the BIRTHFIT St. Pete Regional Director, podcast host and The Fearless Women's Mentor. Her mission is to inspire women to reclaim their power through education and having conversations. In her spare time Dr. Madalyn enjoys working out, being at the beach, and coffee. Listen today about how to be happy with movement, enjoy the gym without killing yourself day in and day out, stop associating a scale number with your happiness and soooo much more.. email: fearlesswomensmentor@gmail.com facebook: fearlesswomensmentor [...]

Getting Out Of Your Personal Chaos Cycle

Solo episode today, just wanted to talk about something that I know a lot of you are stuck in. That feeling where you are living your life for other people, where you are constantly trying to get a head, when you never have any time to sit back, take it in and just enjoy, even for a moment. This is called your chaos cycle and I wanted to tell you a bit more about this crucial concept so you can just recognize the chaos you might be in and help you get out too! www.reloveandrise.com insta: amandagazzola [...]

e035 – Paul Kan

Awesome podcast today with the amazing Paul Kan. Paul has spent the past 6 years as a leader at a Fortune 500 company, hes an out-of-the-box thinker and pushes the boundries of what's possible for himself and his clients. Paul's journey grew out of necessity and as a means to overcome the most difficult chapter of his life. His focus on climbing the corporate ladder was cover for what was truly missing in his life. Paul was so busy surviving, he forgot to live as well. From then on, his mission was to live a life of [...]

e034 – Jon Mills

Jon Mills has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He is a survivor of attempted suicide and now shares his story and trains others to help others reach their goals, overcoming adversity and discover that they can have a happy and healthy life. If you ever felt depression, anxiety, addiction and wanted to start working on your mind and body, listening to Jon is a great place to gain more understanding! www.jmtraining.ca www.thefitnessjunction.com facebook: jmpersonaltrainerguelph insta: jmtraining , fitnessjunctionguelph film: www.peakphysiquefilm.com Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want [...]

e033 – Learning I was an empath absolutely saved me

Solo podcast today, Today I am talking about my mentor who saved my life. She taught me about what being an empath was, helped me find strength where I only saw weakness and taught me one of my most important lessons. She believed in me, in those times of darkness, more than I believed in myself. Now I strive to bring that not just to my clients, but to everyone I interact with. She was the first person I saw use her empathy, her ability to sense the feelings of others as a strength. I used to [...]

e032 – Taking back control from your fears

This week on the podcast I wanted to talk with you on a very raw level. I wanted to talk about those fears of failure, those fears of things not going your way, the constant desire to throw in the towel and give up on what you set out to do. I felt every one of these emotions and every now and then, still do to this day. Whats changed? Listen in as I describe one of my clients and the transformation they have gone through to change their own thought processes. www.reloveandrise.com amanda@reloveandrise.com instagram: amandagazzola [...]

e031 – Gregg Clunis – Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

This is one amazing podcast today. Gregg is a maker, artist, entrepreneur, content creator and host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, a podcast, commumity and soon to be launched book Today we had one of the most emotional and heartfelt interviews ever on RELOVE+RISE. In the process of writing his book, Gregg lost his biggest support, his father. His struggle to continue writing and wish to celebrate its launch with his family is both touching and inspiring. We also discuss why passion isn't everything when it comes to being successful. What you actually need to do to [...]

e30 – Dr. Thabo – Turning Pain Into Purpose

Nothabo Ncube “Dr.Thabo” is an MD, International Speaker and a Life Coach. Having overcome her own personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them. Her story led her to meet the media mogul, Oprah Winfrey and just recently she shared her life journey on the TEDx platform. Website URL: www.drthabo.com Twitter Handle:: @drthabo_ Facebook Page: Dr.Thabo Other social media: Instagram: @drthabo Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never miss out? Click here [...]

e029 – Kathryn Kimmins – Laugh Yourself Healthy!

Kathryn is serious about laughter! She travels the world teaching the benefits of laughter and how it can be used to heal the body/mind connection. Laughter taps into your innate child-like spirit and will help you increase your happiness potential as well as provide real, physical benefits. I love it because it just feels so damn good to laugh! www.laughyourselfhealthy.ca facebook: kathryn.kimmins email: kathryn@laughyourselfhealthy.ca Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never miss out? Click here to subscribe to the podcast [...]

e028 – Find Fulfillment and Happiness By Being Yourself

We hear it all the time. Be yourself, Be your authentic self. You won't be happy until you are true to yourself. But what does it mean? How do you become your authentic self, how do you do the things that make you truly happy, especially if you don't even know what they are? Do you find yourself asking those questions anytime you hear that age old advice too? For me it took a complete surrender before I could find myself, find happiness and start completely fresh. On today's podcast I talk about exactly the steps that [...]

e027 – You Come First

Ever felt like you were on a different path than everyone else? Have you woken up one morning to find that what you were doing, what you were working towards wasn't exactly what you thought it would be? Maybe you've heard some variation of "Your so busy all the time, slow down" like I used to, all the time. A decade ago I used to work 4 jobs, meal prep, goto the gym, attend functions and pretty much lived out of my car. It was a total shit show. But I was doing me, and I had [...]

e026 – Lesley Edwards – Find Love With Ease

This podcast is for everyone out there that thinks that love has been so difficult to find. Lesley Edwards is an amazing coach that will teach you how to approach love and dating in a momentum generating way (as opposed to killing it!) She has an awesome OBSESSION with love stories and realized that talking to people about her relationships was not just a passion, but she could also teach people how to have better relationships. Today we talk about -some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when you are looking for love. -what her philosophy around [...]

e025 – Kristen Sachs – How Your Body Magnetics Impacts Your Life

Today's podcast I chat with my beautiful friend Kristen Sachs Kristen is a holistic nutritionist and registered BIE practitioner. She uses her knowledge of the body and electromagnetic fields to control her own auto-immune issues and help clients deal with allergies, nutrition, health and more. A mom, an entrepreneur, and an active member of her community, Kristen has tons of information to share about how to improve your life. email: info@biosinc.ca FB: www.facebook.com/ledarra website: www.biosinc.ca Here’s How To Subscribe & Leave A Review (thank you so much!): Want to get notified when I release new episodes so you never [...]

e024 – Rafal Matuszewski – Cut The S#!t Get Fit!

Amazing guest today! Rafal Matuszewski is an amazing entrepreneur, trainer, mobility specialist and all around encyclopedia of nutrition and health! From being the "fat kid" in high school he dropped 60 pounds and had everyone wanting to know his secret. Rafal realized that his purpose is to help others reach their goals, whether thats moving and feeling better, rehabing an injury, lifting heavy s#It or just convicing them that black coffee is the best! Rafal believes that movement is medicine for life and puts his motto into practice every day. Definitely check out his podcast "Cut the [...]

e023 – Caryn Parchment – Living Your Best Life, Finding Your Tribe

Today I welcome the co-founder and leader of Diva Girl Fashion. Dedicated to empowering womens health, fashion, relationships and more, Caryn is an amazing force doing good out there in the world. Caryn Parchment has been a Fashionista before the term existed. From the tender age of 8 years old, Caryn always knew that she wanted to parlay into the fashion world in her adult years. She started off by sketching a fashion line at the age of 16, and has evolved into a stylist, blogger, brand influencer, and as leader and co-founder of DivaGirl Fashion, which [...]

Overcoming fears, uncertainty, ego…. my Try Tri

Today is a very special podcast that I want to share with you. This past weekend I competed in a mini triathalon that when I signed up in May, I thought was going to be a breeze. I was fit, I ate well, I worked out, I was confident.... Until I decided to try a swim across the lake at my cottage up north. Suddenly I realized, I don't actually KNOW how to swim.​​​​ Sure I could jump off the boat and swim around, or move into position to go waterskiing. But to actually swim across the [...]

e022 – Sue Dumais – Answering the Call for Love

Today, meet Sue Dumais, a truly global leader answering the call to heal the world. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, healer and voice of HOPE with her "Heart YES Movement." She wants to teach the world how to navigate the SHIFT that is happening on the planet and how we can all be the solution to healing our collective wounds and unite in love for each other and our planet.​​​ Today we covered… How we can only love others to the capacity that we love ourselves. So many of us are more motivated by helping [...]