Today is a very special podcast that I want to share with you.

This past weekend I competed in a mini triathalon that when I signed up in May, I thought was going to be a breeze.

I was fit, I ate well, I worked out, I was confident….

Until I decided to try a swim across the lake at my cottage up north.

Suddenly I realized, I don’t actually KNOW how to swim.​​​​

Sure I could jump off the boat and swim around, or move into position to go waterskiing.

But to actually swim across the lake.. I was completely lost, uncoordinated and panicked after just 20 meters.

It took a lot of teamwork, a lot of ego checking, and a lot of overcoming my own fears to make this last weekend a success.

and thats not even including what happened DURING the race…

If you ever felt like you were working so hard and not seeing progress or not seeing things moving along as quickly as you like.

I KNOW how you feel, trust me..

But it can be overcome as well

Give a listen to all my thoughts of not wanting to be embarrased, my fears of second guessing my decisions and my total loss of ego when I realized how unprepared I actually was…

You aren’t alone, we all go through these thoughts and feelings and I just wanted to share some of mine

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