Here are some of the tips that I provide to my clients mostly for when they are getting ready for photoshoots, weddings, or any other reason to dress us for that big day! But even if you use these just for your day to day makeup, you are going to see some amazing differences, we all still want to have that glowing, healthy skin look!!! Am I right???

For events, once you have booked your makeup with me, its SOOOOOO important to start a good skin care regime because the healthier your skin is the better the makeup will look as well! We want to have flawless skin so you can show off as an amazingly beautiful bride, or have all your friends asking why your makeup looks so good! You must be using expensive products right?

Of course, having great products is important, but the skin is the canvas that we work with and is the foundation for it all!!

So what should you be doing either to lead up to that big day, or just start including in your daily routine so you can have great skin every day??



You have to drink lots and lots of water! This is soooo important not just for your skin but for your overall body. This is always said over and over and over. I know you’ve heard this so many times, but I can’t understate this enough. Way to many of us are chronically dehydrated from coffee, alcohol, soda and not near enough water is drank during the day! Not only will drinking more water help your skin with wrinkles, spots, and give you a more glowing complexion. It will also help your body clear toxins and have all of your organs functioning better leading to a healthier body overall!

SO IMPORTANT, if you only implement one tip, make sure its DRINK MORE WATER!!!


What? Again, didn’t I just write that? Well, water is important to hydrate the skin from within! But we also need to hydrate the skin from the outside of course! Moisturizers are great for this and can be divided into day and night moisturizers.

During the day I like to use a moisturizer that has SPF to protect my skin further from sun damage and burning. It helps to keep my skin smooth and supple. At night moisturizers are usually a bit thicker and really help to rejuvenate and provide additional moisture to the skin.

As I’ve gotten older, my natural oil production has definitely started to decrease leaving me with dry skin ESPECIALLY in the winter. I really need my moisturizer to keep my skin looking young and soft. It gives me that extra confidence when I’m out networking and meeting new people. I want to keep my body looking young and vibrant to match my personality 🙂

#3 Exfoliating your face and body!

This is a big one, especially for my brides! Too many times I have asked them to exfoliate the night before the wedding and they dont! Trust me, if you are wanting to look your best on your big day, you NEED to perform this step. It will stop fine lines, dryness and a dull complexion. You’ve been planning your whole life for this moment, now is when its time to take just that little bit of extra time to give yourself some love!

Exfoliating also has the added benefit of helping our skin breathe easier and feel softer. It can even be a bit meditative helping you to relax and find that happy time, knowing you are helping your body scrub off air pollution, toxins and sweat built up over the day!

#4 Stop using SOAP on your face!

This is mission critical for your face!! Soap strips your face of its natural oils. Believe me, I can tell which clients of mine are using soap on their face and which arent. This is aging your face faster, especially if you aren’t moisturizing and exfoliating as well!

Find a cleanser that you like that is meant for the face. Hopefully with no parabens as well!! Its all about preventative measures that you can make into your routine!

All in, I just want to have you taking a little bit of extra time for yourself!

Beauty doesn’t need to be about vanity, remember that. It’s about taking care of yourself, showing love to yourself and showing to others that you matter and you are worth it!!