8 Foundational Habits

Module 1

In this learning module, we will go over the 8 Foundational Habits to achieving a healthier lifestyle that you can be proud of. This online-self learning guided space will meet you where you are at and show you how you can improve working on one habit at a time.

Module Structure

Foundational Habit- Step 1: Making Time For Yourself

In this lesson, you will learn that no progress can be made without first making time for YOURSELF. (2 minute read, followed by a 10-minute question audit) The perfect time to do this is at night before bed.

Foundational Habit #2: Start Moving Your Body

In this lesson, you will learn that 90% of your results are going to come from MOVING YOUR BODY, stop worrying about every little optimization and just keep moving forward.  The goal of this lesson is to figure out what moving your body means for you and how often you are going to make this happen.

2 minute read, followed by daily movement (5 minutes to 1 hour a day)

Foundational Habit# 3: Drink More Water

In this lesson, you are going to learn 3 easy steps to drink more water and get your body functioning a whole lot better!

Foundational Habit #4: Stop Counting and Start Listening

In this lesson, you will be shown 8 ways to start eating slow. By doing this you will start to learn how to listen to your body and know when you are 80% full!

This lesson is approx 2-minute read:

You WILL be surprised what you find.

Foundational Habit #5: Meal Prep Mistakes

In this lesson, you are going to learn from my mistakes and know how to meal prep the right way! From eating 5-day old chicken to learning how to enjoy the process and make it more lifestyle-based! It is all about enjoying the process! 

Approx 2 minute read

Foundational Habit #6: What is the Perfect Plate?

In this lesson, you are going to learn what is the perfect plate! If your plate looks like this at 80% of meals, you WILL get results.

Approx 2 minute read.

Foundational Habit #7: Do You Should All Over Yourself?

This lesson is a must-read if you are constantly finding yourself sabotaging your habits. 

Are you feeling like you are shoulding all over yourself?
Are you feeling pulled in so many directions?
Are you feeling that you are hanging on by the thread? 

Stop "shoulding" all over yourself and start taking action!

This is approx a 2-minute read.

Foundational Habit #8: Time to reflect on your progress

In this lesson, it is time to congratulate yourself and how far you have come! What changes do you notice and where can you improve to take your progress even deeper. These foundational habits are always evolving as we get better and better at knowing ourselves, behaviours, desires, wants and needs. 

Approx reading time: 2 minutes