Has there been a time where you felt rushed with time or low energy or an attitude/mood when it came to your workouts?

I am sure you can answer yes to at least one of them, I know I sure can.

When we don’t know what we are supposed to feel or even know what to do when you are working out, it can feel all over the place.

Basically, you feel like a hot mess.

How many times has your intention been to workout but come that morning you stay in the bed and say I will do it later?

How many times have you worked out but then give up after 10 minutes?

We must learn to be super intentional, conscious and learn what we need to do to show up and crush our workout!

That is why I created this episode because I know what it feels like to get to the gym or do an at-home workout and just stick to doing cardio/stretching for 10 minutes and then go back home!

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