This is a special conversation today with the beautiful Jade Martin!
We talk about adaptability when it comes to your body especially through the transitions of being a teenager to adult to parenthood.

Jade and I know all to well about weight loss and extreme dieting but with that said sometimes you need to see the bad in order to see the good.

Jade’s mission is to teach women about fitness and nutrition but most important to love themselves through the whole process.
How do you do that!?

That is what we discuss on this podcast episode today!

If you know anyone who is struggling with their body and needs some insight and not to feel alone. Please share with them this episode.

The best thing is to learn through other peoples experiences so that 1. You do not feel alone and
2. You have an idea of where to start moving forward!

To find out more about Jade Martin please go to:
Instagram: @jademar_fit @jademarfitness

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