The power of one thing is a huge epiphany for my clients and is a milestone to reach because all my clients including myself as a client one time wanted the WHOLE plan.

I wanted to dramatically change everything in myself and I did.

When I started out with my personal trainer I loved every single second of it. You could even say that I got addicted to training, workouts, eating everything, you name it. I did it.

But then what happens when that becomes your everything.
You start losing a bit. You could say that I was having trouble with friends because I was no longer eating what they were, you could say that my family was annoyed by my constant training and said to me that too much of something is no good. You could say that I was scared to go back to what I ‘looked like, felt like before.

When you start with 1 habit you are not only making this more lifestyle base you are keeping it simple. Simple is good because our lives are so busy and are influxed with so much distraction!

When choosing a habit it should be easy. You should already be doing it but don’t know that you are!

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