When was the last time that you woke up and felt purposeful? Like you knew that you were going to crush your day and feel amazing?
I sat there looking at my coach dumbfounded. I was thinking ‘Come on, I wanted to roll my eyes because I don’t know many people who just wake up and feel happy or excited every single day. There is just no way.

My coach then there told me that no one is controlling your days. You are. You are the one that is stopping your every single move. You decide how you want to be and project your days. If something did not go wrong. Why are you letting every single person or thing control your happiness.

It was like a wave had just come rushing in and there I was just standing there being ambushed by all the hits of water. I was thinking how many times I let other people or things control my happiness and in the end I am the one holding a grudge and my whole day is consumed by what happened and/or I am crying or don’t go to the gym, or I lose my appetite or the opposite happens, I don’t eat the whole day and then binge on a bunch of food.
Does this make sense of how you are letting other persons or things control on how you want to show up, where you are allowing it because if you did not care then you would not be so caught up in whatever is dictating you and how you show up for yourself.
What does this have to do with Scheduling and Routines?

Well let me tell you.
How do you win the day? How can you have control of your schedule? Routines and Structure why do you need it?

All good questions which we are going to talk about and dive deep.
My goal of this podcast is to tell you that it is important to be imperfectly perfect and that you, my friend, will always be a work in progress. Not everyday will be perfect because no one has the most perfect day but wouldn’t it be nice to understand why things don’t always go right?

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