This powerful podcast today will leave you feeling relaxed and restore not only did Ora Goldin and I have a powerful conversation, I also left you a snippet of her work so you can really understand the power of drumming and what it does to the left and right brain hemispheres.

Drumming is fun to play but have you ever thought of it being more then just hitting the drum with sticks?

Drumming through meditation allows your body to release negative feelings, invite present awareness and support the production of endorphins! That just the tip!

My experience working with Ora was extraordinary especially going through infertility. You see there is not just one thing that is going to help someone, sometimes you need to find a multitude of things and this one left me feeling relaxed, restored and ‘happy’. You know, that euphoric feeling because it was an experience like no other.

Today, I am honored to share this podcast with you!

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