Lysiane De Nadilliac

For the past 3 years since I have become a full time entrepreneur I have been ‘hustlin, grinding and trying to figure out this world of ‘freedom’ working for myself, what does this mean, how do I know when enough is enough. I have been  working hard in my business, my relationships, networking meetings, seminars, workshops because I know the end payoff is going to be even greater.

I did not tell you about the evolution that happens when you start getting clients and start getting your name out there that you find yourself juggling and managing it all. Feeling like you are walking on this tightrope wondering what happens if something changes, moves and you fall flat on your face.

There are so many layers when it comes to working for yourself and/or managing your corporate position that for some people it is hard to understand when you talk to them. For instance if you have deadlines, meetings, seminars, workshops and it is just you or if you work with a team and you are working on these deadlines, meetings, seminars, workshops people are constantly counting on you to show up, no matter what happens even when you are tired, frustrated, upset, angry, stressed, anxiety.

My friend Lysiane of Resilience Nutrition gets deep and talks about burnout today. Lysiane knows full well how working in what to many of us would be a dream job for a huge organization and in some way you are handcuffed to working 80+ hours a week. 7 days a week for what can be months.

Burnout is real and it’s tough. It’s tough on your health because your body can not cope with stress and NO MATTER how hard you try to PUSH through the end results can last a lifetime. (hormone imbalance, depression, infertility, social anxiety) just to name a few.

We get real in this conversation today.
– We talk about what burnout is
– What symptoms rise during burnout
– What you can do right now to start nurturing yourself
– How to prioritize your schedule
– And much much more.


See, I talk to and see a lot of practitioners, coaches and fit pro’s who also suffer from burnout because we want to help so many people. This is why I created this podcast because what I am learning I am teaching and telling you.


I firmly believe that when you help enough other people get what they want, you get what you want in return (thanks Zig Ziglar for this gem).

I want people to build enough security and boundaries to learn to say no when they do not want do something instead of feeling like you constantly have to people please. To learn that taking care of yourself is not just about pedicures, manicures, massages.  That they can give themselves time to have those magic mornings and not just feel like your on a hamster wheel that is going nowhere. Doing the same things that do not please you.

Let me be frank: as a practitioner, coach, manager, director, CEO, you have a responsibility and an obligation to do whatever you need to do and to make whatever investments you need to make into yourself. Whether that be to create the perfect week formula, starting a morning and evening routine to learn how to slow down so that you can propel forward in your health and business.

Lysiane was at that point… she shifted away from focusing solely in the movie business needs to see the bigger picture and make an impact in the world. 

Wanna hear the story in Lysiane own words? We recorded a podcast about it.

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