Ever felt like you were on a different path than everyone else?

Have you woken up one morning to find that what you were doing, what you were working towards wasn’t exactly what you thought it would be?

Maybe you’ve heard some variation of “Your so busy all the time, slow down” like I used to, all the time.

A decade ago I used to work 4 jobs, meal prep, goto the gym, attend functions and pretty much lived out of my car.

It was a total shit show. But I was doing me, and I had somewhere I was going. I was trying to get to a place where I felt successful.

I was doing what was important to me. Not to society, not to anyone else. TO ME.

It’s TOUGH to put your priorities first, there are definitely some regrets along the way.

But you don’t become who you are meant to be.
You don’t become the passionate, fulfilled individual you are meant to be without working on yourself first.
Even if the ultimate passion in your life is to give to others, care for others, support others.
You still need to have the energy, the life force, the drive each and every day to give to others to your fullest capabilities.
Otherwise somewhere in your soul you will feel that nagging feeling that you could be doing more.

I worked my way from the complete bottom, flying by the seat of my pants. But I was driving my own bus to where I wanted to go. Sure I took some detours along the way, but I was in control of my destination. Are you?

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