e024 - rafal matuszewski

Amazing guest today!

Rafal Matuszewski is an amazing entrepreneur, trainer, mobility specialist and all around encyclopedia of nutrition and health!

From being the “fat kid” in high school he dropped 60 pounds and had everyone wanting to know his secret. Rafal realized that his purpose is to help others reach their goals, whether thats moving and feeling better, rehabing an injury, lifting heavy s#It or just convicing them that black coffee is the best!

Rafal believes that movement is medicine for life and puts his motto into practice every day.

Definitely check out his podcast “Cut the S#!t Get Fit” to hear more from Rafal!

Twitter: @rafmatuszewski
Insta: @cuttheshitgetfitpodcast
FB: @empowerhp
website: cuttheshitgetfit.com

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