Krista Scott Dixon Podcast

Krista Scott-Dixon is the program designer for Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition coaching company. In addition to having a hand in all of the Precision Nutrition education she also performs workshops, training and speaking engagements on health, coaching, training, psychology and more. Through the Precision Nutrition platform she has helped nearly 50,000 clients achieve health and trained nearly the same amount of coaches on how to achieve success with their own clients.

Today we covered…
  • How we are all always in the process of finding and losing our true selves
  • We disassemble and reassemble ourselves all the time, as soon as you feel stable in your identity it can be taken away
  • Krista’s chronic back injury that forced her to deal with an identity crisis of who she really was
  • Pushing into your discomfort, accepting the little challenges that are vital to growing yourself
  • Why she wants her clients to laugh at her and think shes an idiot during coaching sessions
  • That everything doesnt always need to be awesome, sometimes we just need to find the period of time that doesnt suck as much.
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