Foundational Habit #8: Time to reflect on your progress

Lesson 8 Module 1


My biggest goal for you in these lessons is for you to feel stronger and more empowered in your own skin.

I want you to know that you have what it takes to fill your cup. 

With repeating these 8 lessons and continuously working on them not only will you see results but you also will transform internally and externally.

 A great way to check in with yourself is to ask yourself these questions. Keeping a journal right by your bed and auditing yourself each day/week is a great way to know if you are progressing or regressing!

1. Are you feeling more connected or in tune to your needs, wants and desires?
2. Do you feel like you are making more time for yourself?

3. Are you moving your body more?
4. Are you drinking enough water or drinking more water then you normally would?
5. Are you meal prepping more or making more conscious decisions about meal prepping?
6. Are you eating slowly and till 80% full?
7. Do you make room for eating whole foods?
8. Do you see a difference in yourself and not just physically but in your attitude or how you wake up and your overall energy?
9. Do you feel like you have given yourself a chance and have made improvements to your lifestyle?

If you had trouble answering these questions or felt like you were not happy with your progress. Please reach out and email me:

Remember that your journey is your own and NEVER compare yourself to someone else.

I am available to be your sounding board and offer some suggestions and strategies to help you and keep you going!