Foundational Habit #7: Do You Should All Over Yourself?

Lesson 7 Module 1

What is Shoulding all over yourself?

Have you heard the term.... "shitting all over yourself?" Well we tend to “should all over ourselves!"

We get so caught up in "could of", “should of", and "would of!"

Where are mind tends to lead us to what someone ELSE thinks we should do instead of doing what we want. Like a family member, friend or even the boss.

 - Are you feeling like you have been shoulding all over yourself?

- Are you feeling pulled in so many directions?

- Are you feeling that you are hanging on by the thread?

- Are these lessons making you feel 'bad' because you have the best intention to incorporate every piece of advice and now we are here and you haven’t yet?

All of these feelings are NORMAL and they are going to happen.

We sometimes need chaos to share with us how much we got going on so that we finally do something about it.

If we didn’t have chaos then we would not know just how much things can get out of hand!

The intention of these emails is to share with you how much we all have going on and the best way to start for yourself is to show up and make time!

Which you have done or if you couldn't you have let me know ahead of time and I have recorded it and sent the workout to you and boom, you have sent a photo or email back to say you completed it!

So be proud. This is apart of the battle. All of this takes time. The more you become self aware, the more you can make the customary changes to yourself as you make room for it and if it feels right.

I do not believe in giving a 1 page plan of "This is what you need to do" because all of us are different and have unique things going on in our life.

But I do believe we all carry the same feelings such as anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, tired, burnt out, sad, depressed or happy, excited, content and satisfied.

what can you do right now to stop shoulding all over yourself? 

A big challenge to you is to think of: Start with 1 thing and when you find yourself making yourself feel bad. Stop yourself in your tracks and move on. Do not over think it. Say thank you for showing up. You can go now.