Foundational Habit #5: Meal Prep Mistakes

Lesson 5 Module 1

4 Mistakes That I Made When It Came To Meal Prep

Mistake 1: 

- Make all of our meals in one day

Mistake 2: 

- Not mixing things up! Eating the same thing every day. We are human and get super bored and you and your body feels restricted!

Mistake 3: 

- Your kitchen is never stocked.
Mistake 4 
Mistake 4: 

- You are making it more complicated than it needs to be! Meal prep should be easy.

So how can you fix this mistakes?

1.Prep your meals twice a week! 

Believe me when I say this that 5 day old chicken is gross and I do not recommend it!

The days that I say to strive for are Sundays and Wednesdays!
That way you can enjoy your food as it will be fresh and you will not get bored!

2. Change it up! 

Like I said in number 1. Prep your meals twice a week and cook things that you love. When you love it, you will not feel restricted.  When you feel restricted, you stop doing it and that is not the cool here. Always prepare your meals with carbs, fats and proteins with lots of fruits and vegetables!

3. Keep your kitchen stocked!

Doing your grocery shop 1x a week and keeping in mind that you are going to prep your meals twice a week is important. Below you will see a grocery list attached. Plan out your meals and only by what you need. My husband and I love challenging ourselves by only buying what we need and utilizing everything in our pantry and fridge. Sometimes they will be simple which is amazing and key and sometimes you might have to adjust your menu! Either way! Enjoy the process!

4. Stop making it complicated and enjoy the process of cooking

This statement is what it is. Enjoy the process and have fun with cooking! That is the missing key ingredient when it comes to cooking is cooking with love and ease.  Cooking does NOT have to be complicated and you are talking to a person that is not a cook but realizes that this is apart of the process and life and to enjoy it because food is social but is also fuel! So realizing that both are equally important. The only way to work with this is to find ease and joy in yourself and make peace with the process.


Print it out every single week for yourself on what you need to keep your kitchen stocked and your meal prep in line with what you want and need!

This is where you need to start and it starts right now, like today.

Now that you are in the process of eating slowly and only till 80% full… this is the next piece of the puzzle.

You will start seeing results ASAP!