Foundational Habit #4: Stop Counting and Start Listening

Lesson 4 Module 1

8 Ways to Understand How To Eat Slow and Till 80% Full


Do you eat fast? Do you tend to overeat? Do you even know that you are overeating?

 How do you understand your body's hunger cues, digestion and over-eating? 



Eating slowly STOPS overeating in its tracks and doing this will certainly help you to have a better relationship with your body! Doing this simple step will enable you to recognize the signals that we tend to neglect when we eat fast! Ie. Rushing to get out the door or if you are in between meetings.

8 Ways to start eating slowly and till 80% full!

1. Put down the fork after every bite. Take a moment. Breathe. If you’re eating with other people, enjoy making witty conversation for a few minutes.

2. Sit down to eat in a calm environment with minimal distractions. Don’t eat while driving, while watching TV, while texting, etc. Pay attention to your food.

3. Choose high-fiber foods that take more time to chew, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Try setting a minimum number of chews per bite. This will feel strange at first, but give it a try and see what you discover.

5. Use smaller plates (this is what I tend to do) or use different utensils

6. If you find yourself rushing, that’s OK. Put your utensils down and take a minute to re-focus. If slow eating isn’t habitual for you, this will take practice.

7. Find another slow eater and pace yourselves to them. Picky little kids and chatty dinner companions who hardly stop talking long enough to take a bite are often ideal for this!!!!

8. Set aside time to eat – at least 20-30 minutes for each meal, and preferably even longer at dinner, catch up with your family or your spouse. Use this time to connect and laugh. 


The more you do this, the better you will be able to enjoy your food. Below are two PDFS to download to help you understand hunger and how to understand/manage it. This is one of the most important tasks you can do is to identify when you are hungry and from this point can self identify what causes this (stress, environment you spend the most time, boredom, after a workout etc)

Below are two PDFS to download to help you understand hunger!

  1. DOWNLOAD - Hunger Games: This pdf helps you to identify how to understand your hunger cues before and after you eat and what you do when you are dealing with hunger. Put this PDF on your fridge and read this every time you go into the fridge if you are feeling hungry.  This will help you to see if you are mindlessly eating because you are feeling bored or are actually hungry.
  2. DOWNLOAD - Hunger Chart: If you are serious about working on this and want to start figuring out your eating patterns then this is your chance to understand and work on your cues. Print of 2 weeks worth of this sheet. Put it in your fridge and write down how you feel before you eat and after you eat.

These two documents are going to be a goldmine when it comes to weight release.

Learning to understand your body's hunger cues will help you to create sustainability for your life long goals than calorie restriction and over exercise.