Foundational Habit #2: Start Moving Your Body

Lesson 2 Module 1



In this lesson you will learn why it is important to move your body.

1. Motion creates Emotion. (The moment the feeling of progress stops, we feel stuck – and miserable – because ultimately, progress is the key to happiness)

2. What happens to the body when it feels trapped...

3. Overcoming a plateau...

Lesson 1: Motion Creates Emotion- Tony Robbins

Moving your body means that you are changing your mental state and breaking your negative patterns! This can be something as simple as standing up straighter or changing your posture or doing something more intensive like hitting up a workout session or dance party by yourself.  This shit works! 

Lesson 2. What happens to the body when you feel trapped?

 One reason we feel stuck is because we’re focusing too much on the past — or too much on the future.  What door do you want to keep entering? By focusing on the now and being present can change our state.  

We only really have the power to change the present moment, so that’s where our attention should be. Try focusing on today. Be present. Take this as a healthy challenge and see what happens, let me know about it, so I can support you and/or keep you accountable. Communicate this with your family and partner. If there is one thing I know when it comes to being around the same person for over 20 years is that the only way to get your spouse on board is to communicate. GROW together and be each others biggest cheerleader. 

Lesson 3. Overcoming a plateau

 Why do some people achieve breakthroughs that take them to the next level, while others do not?

What is the difference between being a master and a dabbler, a doer versus a talker?

They needed to overcome their plateau. Doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

To really experience change to the fullest extent, you need to allow yourself to move out and through it, meaning you have to experience the emotions!

So now what do you do with all this information and how does it work?

You can start now by moving your body.  Letting go of your ego and playing around as if you were a kid again! Kids are resilient and they can teach us a lot! So if you have kids and are having one of those days where you feel frustrated, PLAY WITH THEM and get down to their level!


Be silly! If you are feeling trapped and do not have access to kids then another suggestion for you is to LAUGH and let go of whatever you are feeling.

My challenge is the next time you feel stuck, frustrated, sad, depressed is to move your body, take a walk in nature, workout or have a dance party. You can start by accessing the bootcamp workouts in this forum!