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Discover A Diet That Will Work With You In Your Situation!

If you have been on the yo-yo diet train, you know that consistency is the hardest part. Why not start building a diet that actually works with your lifestyle, your family, your goals, rather than trying out each "magic" bullet diet that never works out in the end.


What My Clients Say About Working With Me

“The term “diet”, as in the title of this book, takes on an entirely different meaning for the content.  It is taking control of your own life, motivating, and committing to yourself to make positive changes. A lifestyle.

A lot of the book resonated with me and I will be using the strategies mentioned to commit to myself to make the positive changes I’ve been wanting to do so long.

This book was written from the most honest and open perspective. Thank you for empowering us!”


With Amanda’s online coaching and consistent support and accountability, I was able to go on a journey with her to lose over 25 pounds of fat and gain 9 pounds of lean muscle at the same time.

Her support and guidance throughout the whole process was invaluable and recommend her as a life/fitness coach to anyone looking to make a deep change from the inside out.



What’s Inside the Book?

9 Steps To Follow

Build a diet in 9 steps that you can actually maintain. Consistency is the key ingredient to success in any diet plan

Nutrition Guides

Templates for beginners to start with on how and what you should be eating to maximize success

Fitness Routines

Full body workouts for beginners to get your body moving. It may seem counter-intuitive but the more you move, the more energy you tend to have! Become your own power plant!

About the Author

Amanda Gazzola

Amanda has spent the past decade pursuing health, beauty, brand and business all to create a life she is extremely proud of.


As a fitness competitor, nutrition coach and entrepreneur she now teaches busy individuals who feel overwhelmed how they can maximize efficiency, improve their own health and fitness and build the successful lives they always dreamed of.