“Trust the Process”


We all hear this statement at sometime or another in life but do we really put our hearts and souls into it.

Or do we always wait until we have to face it in the now or never moment?

I looked up the dictionary definition of what TRUST is and I came up with two definitions.

Social trust is a belief in the honesty, integrity and reliability of others – a “faith in people.”

It’s a simple enough concept to describe but in reality it’s never been easy to figure out who to trust or why.

The other is basic trust…

In psychology, trust is believing that the person who is trusted will do what is expected.

This is something that begins with ones family and grows to include others over time.

In life we all go through times where we find ourselves questioning friends, family, co-workers, bosses, animals, staff at restaurants, grocery stores, farmers, media, you name it… it’s hard.

But why is it so difficult to count on the ONE PERSON you need to most of all?

Lately I have been finding catching myself not trusting in many things, like my cat for instance.



Yes, I know it’s a cat (her name is Maple) but she can open our screen door and goes outside and will just sit and lay outside looking around

But sometimes she jumps our fence and wanders our property a bit. That shouldn’t be a problem since I have always had outdoor cats.

But last year I had the misfortune of losing a cat- he was outside one day and never came back. It’s easy to understand why I feel the way I do.

Maple has never done anything to me to make me question her.

It’s just unfortunate that previous experience has made me already have no trust in her.

Maple always comes back, she always lets herself back in the house.

Even though you can feel the love and affection from her and she’s the most content cat I know. I still have trouble trusting

How do you change that mental state of thinking when it comes to a cat?

Well here’s another scenario?

This past week I had the honor of finally of trying out my mountain bike on a real course!



First time out at the hill and being put to the test by practicing for my race next weekend (I know I am crazy).

But, I had the most wickedest time using my bike for what it’s actually for and not just road biking. (way more difficult) :p

Practicing this course involved learning skills that I had never done before!

Going down a steep hill with rocks, branches, grooves and loose gravel is more intimidating than you may think and you have to rely on yourself, your bike, and your form to get down that hill.

All, without over braking and while sitting back on your bike enough that you are keeping balanced but still managing to put weight on your front tire so that it keeps to the trail.

In other words there is ALOT to think about!

What the lesson that I am tryin to say here is that trust comes in so many forms and the one thing you can not break trust with is YOURSELF.

Why is it that we wait until we have to face obstacles in our life before we decide where to put our trust?

Trust is something that we have to earn and maybe that is what it comes down to in the end.

But when does it begin? That is for us to decide.

Take some time right now and ask yourself, do you trust the decisions, the pathways and the actions that you are making or travelling down right now?

If not, maybe NOW is the time for you to make the changes in your life to get where you want to be!

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