Have you started your transformation program?

Are you on the way to that summer body?


Are there more summer parties coming up?

Now that it’s the weekend, do you find yourself kicking back a bit more?

Have you hit that bump in the road?

Are you finding that there is another get together at someone’s house for that summer barbecue, birthdays, pool parties, bridal showers, baby showers etc.

You are starting to feel some guilt because you know that you have this goal and feel anxious and have some anxiety because you signed up for the transformation challenge and want to start seeing your results.

You start off strong at the beginning of the week, slowly diminish near the end of the week and then your weekends are turned upside down. Now it’s a month later and you have not seen results.

This starts to become discouraging and then you are almost at the point of giving up.


These things are going to always happen and the point of this is not to get discouraged. You have a community that does not want to see that! ASK for help!

This is your time to shine and feel the change in your life. The one you signed up for.

Here are some tips and tricks to get through the summer parties and feel good about it.

I must admit. It can be hard to bring your lunch to a summer barbecue or pool party.  

Heck even bridal and baby showers. But we need to achieve our goal because in the end that is what we are all here for.

  1. Plan ahead- if you know that you have some prior engagements coming up. Plan your week and your workouts ahead. Train hard and eat properly. Allow yourself some flexibility on the weekend to enjoy with your friends and family
  2. Bring your own meal- now not everyone likes to do this step because some of you might feel guilty or just think it is plain silly to pack your food to go to a party/bbq.  Some friends and family might judge you even but the point is you have a goal to attain. You will inspire more people and make them think twice before eating that extra brownie, or drinking that extra cool brew. We all know that we need to have balance in life but when you are on a roll and have a goal to achieve some sacrifices have to happen. This is not all the time. But there are moments that you are going to have to choose what is important to you.
  3. Let people know what is up- Communication is key to anything in life. If you know the person that is hosting a function at his or hers house ask if you can bring your own food, more often than not the person that is hosting the party will not mind and often ask you how they can help accommodate you OR what you can do is make something that you can have and know that it fits your macros. This will make both parties happy and can also lead to conversation on how to eat so you can teach and inspire more people.
  4. Lastly if you are going out to dinner. You can customize your meal to make it work for you. Ask the waiter or waitress if you can have your vegetables steamed, dressing on the side, salad instead of fries, no sauces on your meat etc.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

You just have to start having a voice and be firm on your goals.

You have the choice to decide if you want to eat something that you know you shouldn’t. Its up to you to stay strong and not let those weak moments define you.

Learning to keep yourself accountable is an invaluable skill.

Accountability is why I am here to help you.  

Accountability is not something that comes easy to people and most people when it comes to themselves do not like to feel selfish and make things about them.

I know I can get work done without temptation or distraction but it has taken me years to feel comfortable training in the mornings when people are getting ready for work.

We are not like everyone else. We are our own person and what might work for someone else, will not necessarily work for you.

Accountability is why I always say hello to the check in clerks at the gym, so they can ask me where I’ve been if they haven’t seen me in a couple of days.

Accountability is all about us working to build the best that we can, but it is also about others being interested in and curious about us and being engaged with our life and our work.

If you are interested in working with me to help keep you accountable for reaching your summer goals or creating your next 30, 60 or 90 day transformation goals, contact me at WORK WITH ME.

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