Hello my beautiful and strong friend!

Welcome to my little corner of the world,

On my page you will find loads of F bombs with a side of glam.

Family, friends, food, fitness, fun and makeup!

What started in the beginning as a side business in the health and fitness industry quickly grew into my driving passion as I developed myself into a Lifestyle Strategist, Entrepreneur, Coach, Personal Trainer, Teacher, Makeup Artist, Fur Mom, Daughter and Friend.

On my journey I have been blessed with an adorable little family that includes my hunk of a hubby, my little pooch named Iggy and his feline sister Maple. All of us love to curl up on my queen chair on a Saturday evening with some homemade popcorn and watch a movie.

I love food, I’m hungry 24/7, I love eating it, I love making it, creating new recipes and checking out new cafes, bistros, restaurants and more!

Fitness… ahh fitness, where would I be without it. For me, its my outlet. Its one of my passions and a foundation for feeling my best. It isn’t always about the sweat, its about the release, being more in tune with your body and your mind. I love sharing workouts, exercises, tips and more to help my clients learn to feel their best too.

Makeup, what can I say. I love sitting in front of the mirror being creative. I love Halloween, I love getting out of my comfort zone, playing with different looks and products. Its definitely my other passion, helping women feel beautiful and teaching them to be more comfortable with makeup.

Following me, you will see me keeping it real. My life is not perfect and my posts will not always make it seem that way. I am here to share, inspire, educate, empower and motivate women to lead their best lives. I am here to encourage and show how to do the things that make them happy and feel good. I am here to keep it real, raw and authentic.

Please listen to some podcasts, and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and I will be sure to respond!

With heartfelt gratitude,



Do any of these sound like you?

You’ve become overwhelmed with juggling the problems of family members, friends, work, money issues and have stopped taking care of your own needs.

You’re in pain because you see your weight slowly starting to creep up, you’re losing motivation to get out of bed in the morning and the first thing you want to do is turn on Netflix and grab a big glass of wine when you get home.

You’re looking for someone who understands your struggles, because you can’t talk to their friends and family about this! You don’t want them to know what you really think because you have to be strong for them!

Really when it comes down to it, you just want the solution to getting that spark back in your life!

I act as a mentor to women who feel these things and more and bring them back to their vibrant, outgoing, energetic selves by coaching them on how to bring more confidence back into their lives.

I train them how to look and feel totally in love with who they are by making small changes towards a healthy lifestyle in body and mind. My clients transform themselves, while feeling amazing, beautiful and strong throughout the process.

I have the experience because I was once that woman.

Since my days where I felt lost, like I had no-one to confide in, had issues with my body image and a terrible relationship with food,

I have now competed in multiple fitness competitions, spoken on stages across Ontario, ran boot camps for hundreds of clients and provided makeup artist services for photoshoots, competitions, models and magazines.

All of these journeys I have been on have given me the expertise to help you achieve your own goals, whether it be to lose weight, connect on a deeper level with your loved ones, or to learn just how important it is to take time for yourself so that you can feel as amazing as I know you are.

Telling my story has been both the most terrifying and most freeing moment in my entire life.

I teach my clients that their stories can empower them, even the painful ones.

You can learn to let go of the stories that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, and build new ones that empower you to an amazing future with your friends, family, work, social and LIFE!

You just need help, so please reach out!