e012 - nedalee thomas

On this episode, I speak with Nedalee Thomas. Nedalee is an author, educator and researcher with a passion for healthy living. She went from being a pauper to powerful on the road from raising 19 kids to being a multi-million dollar business mogul. She is the owner of six businesses including Princess Power, the Expert Podcast Academy and the Queen of Chanson Water.

Today we covered…
  • Why its important to learn from OTHER peoples mistakes
  • The importance of resilience and never staying down for long
  • Establishing the mantra of IMPROVISE, ADAPT, OVERCOME because things are going to come along that knock you down
  • Structuring your life to be balanced for you in health, family and business.
  • You can have it all, just not all at once. Its important to build slowly and keep the things you have
  • Stop forgetting to refill your own tank. Remember to love others as you love yourself. If you treat yourself awfully, you won’t be able to properly give
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